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Chilled Water Systems

Specialist Chilled Water Systems in London

Our state of the art chilled water systems optimise efficiency and boost intelligence in order to reduce energy consumption and emissions, whilst creating a comfortable and sustainable commercial environment.


State of the art commercial chilled water systems

Chilled water systems lend themselves perfectly to use in commercial applications that require a large cooling capacity, such as offices, factories, and supermarkets. Typically, water is cooled in chiller units before being distributed by pipework to air handline units, where it is used to cool air that is ducted through the building for ventilation. Chilled water systems can also be used to provide cooling to integrated service modules, chilled beams, chilled ceilings, underfloor cooling, industrial processes, and more.


Skilled and Experienced Chilled Water System Installers 

iClimate have specialist staff catering for CHW(chilled water systems) which provide your commercial space with cooling via water chilled fan coil systems.

The water is chilled via a commercial refrigeration plant, and controlled through various Building  Management Systems(BMS). We have experienced installation engineers and chiller commissioning personnel to provide a trouble free CHW cooling operation to your building.


For further information about our specialist Chilled Water Systems, please get in touch – our skilled and experience team are always on hand to provide assistance and advice.