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Server Rooms

Air Conditioning Solutions for Server Rooms in London

With more and more businesses relying on their IT systems and equipment in order to optimise performance and productivity, it’s vital that your machinery is kept at a safe and consistent temperature if you want to avoid overheating, shut down, and potential catastrophe.


Protect your server room and IT systems

We understand the critical importance of data centre/ server operation to commercial clients. As the hub of all IT and tech support equipment, it’s vital that your server room is properly air-conditioned. At iclimate we not only design cooling systems that will keep your server rooms at the correct temperature but also regulate humidity in order to provide the correct non-static environment.


Experienced air conditioning engineers on hand when you need them most

We understand the importance of keeping your business running efficiently at all times. We grasp the concept of efficient operation, and the negative affect this has on a SME. With this in mind, our skilled and experienced team of air con engineers in London are on call for critical client sites 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing a guaranteed callout response.


For further information about our air conditioning solutions for server rooms, please get in touch. Our dedicated team are ready and waiting to discuss your requirements.


Server Rooms