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Invisible Air Conditioning Installation in London

In many domestic properties, for example listed buildings, as well as flats and apartments, it may not be possible to install a traditional air con system due to restrictions on exterior vents. Invisible AC systems offer a versatile ventilation system for a wide range of residential properties.


Concealed residential Air Conditioning solutions

At iclimate, we specialise in undertaking bespoke projects where large capacity units are required to be totally concealed. Indoor-ducted units with grilles solve the aesthetic aspect of invisible air conditioning within the interior space. Conventional-ducted units are connected to outdoor units, which are installed outside within or open to exterior ambient temperatures.


Invisible air conditioning systems from Daikin

The invisible system from Daikin suits commercial and residential properties with no provision for the outdoor compressor unit. This could be due to exterior listing regulations or the property being situated within a conservation area.


For further information about our Invisible Air Conditioning systems and solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our skilled and experienced team are ready and waiting to help.