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Retrofit Installation

Retrofit Installation

Retrofit Air Conditioning Installation in London

If you’re looking to keep your home cool when it’s warm and when it’s cold, our highly efficient and effective retrofit air con systems provide the perfect solution. We provide low cost retrofit air conditioning systems that are perfectly equipped to meet your residential ventilation needs.

Affordable, environmentally friendly retrofit air conditioning

Installing air conditioning into your existing home, without aesthetically looking like an afterthought, takes some planning and strong knowledge of building fabrics and methods to take advantage of space and general services layout.

We have a dedicated team to work within properties that are occupied during an installation project that have the skill and precision to install air conditioning systems within your home, causing minimal disruption to your space.


Single contractor Air Conditioning Solutions

We can provide a true single contractor solution upon being commissioned on a retrofit project. We undertake all aspects of the installation from design to after service, along with other specialist services such as electrical, plumbing, decoration, and joinery solutions.

If you require any further information about our retrofit air conditioning installation services, please get in touch.


Retrofit Installation