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Refrigeration Wine Cellars

Refrigeration Wine Cellars

Refrigeration Wine Cellars in London

Over time, if your wine collection is not properly stored and protected, the wines can be spoilt or corked. To prevent this from happening, it’s important that wines are stored in humidity and temperature controlled wine cellar. 


Custom Wine Cellar Installation

With our strong HVAC background, we are frequently asked to provide optimised storage spaces for vintage red wines. With a highly experienced wine expert on hand, we have a priceless insight into the vital temperature and humidity ranges needed for the optimum preservation of your wine collection.  We offer a range of custom refrigeration cooling systems as well as warm/cool humidification systems that will provide the correct environment for your precious collection.


Bespoke Refrigeration Wine Cellars

With our dedicated building contractors, we offer a bespoke design service that enables us to provide you with a true unique wine storage solution that caters to all of your aesthetic requirements. Every wine cellar we design is truly bespoke and totally unique in line with your sense of style, your budget, and your personal needs.


For further information about our Refrigeration Wine Cellar services and solutions, please get in touch with our dedicated team.

Refrigeration Wine Cellars