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Commercial Ventilation

Commercial Ventilation

Commercial Ventilation Solutions in London

At iClimate, we are passionate about providing the perfect indoor climate – after all, everyone feels better with clean air to breathe. Our energy efficient systems and designs allow the flow of fresh air throughout the building as well as the extraction of stale air - reducing humidity whilst maintaining a comfortable and fully optimised working & dwelling environment that will allow for efficient performance at all times.


High performance Ventilation systems

Ventilation systems are a key in any habitable environment, they supply fresh air whilst extracting the hot humid air from the conditioned area. A good ventilation system brings clean air indoors, whilst also being suitable for the type and size of building it is contained within.

iClimate offers a range of ventilation systems that are suitable for use in a variety of commercial applications in London including Heat Recovery Ventilation solutions for Residential and Office Environments. These provide a cost effective option for applications where there is no room for an outdoor Heat exchanger.


Expert Ventilation engineers

Ventilation systems must be properly maintained according to a strict schedule in order to assure they continue to perform to the optimum standard and with maximum energy efficiency levels. All of our ductwork installations are carried out to Industry standard regulations, such as HVCA/CIBSE  and, where required, in line with local building control standards for ventilation systems.


For further information about our Commercial Ventilation solutions, please get in touch. 

Commercial Ventilation