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If you’re looking for technical information, you’re in the right place! We try to keep our website as user-friendly as possible by not loading it with too many statistics and minutiae, but if you’re ready to dig down and find out the specifics of a product, this page is for you.

Here are a range of our downloadable manufacturer brochures for some of our top selling products. We’re adding more all the time but if what you’re looking for isn’t here, just ask and we’ll get it over to you pronto.


Premium stylish Emura - PDF download

FTXS standard system - PDF download

VRV-S multi split system - PDF download

Altherma Hydronic Heating - PDF download


Wall mounted LN Inverter R32 - PDF download

Wall mounted Inverter R32 - PDF download

Wall mounted Zen Inverter R410A - PDF download

Wall mounted R410A - PDF download

Classic inverter R410A - PDF download

Floor mounted system - PDF download


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