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Air Conditioning Solutions for Schools in London

Studies have shown that maintaining the correct temperature within the classroom for children has a direct affect on child learning and attention spans. 

Due to the rise in average child occupancy numbers within the classroom, learning spaces are often overpopulated and with many school buildings being of age, they create a very humid and uncomfortable environment.


Optimise the learning environment

In schools, colleges, and universities, it’s vital that the right temperature is maintained.

From classrooms, lecture theatres, and workshops, through to sports halls, catering areas, and IT suites, effective air conditioning system will optimise the environment for learning, ensuring that your teachers and students remain cool, calm, and concentrated.


killed and experienced Air Conditioning installers

When choosing the most appropriate air conditioning system for the classroom, it’s important to consider a number of factors, including the shape of the room, the layout of the desks, etc. Our skilled and experienced engineers understand the unique demands of air conditioning for schools and other educational environments, and are fully equipped to design, install, and maintain AC units that deliver the best possible results.

We work with many schools in the London boroughs, carrying out works around their term calendar to complete projects and handover rooms back with minimal disruption.


For further information about the installation of air conditioning in schools and air conditioning systems for schools, please get in touch.