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Air conditioning installation prices

If you’ve been considering installing an air conditioning system, there’s no better time to book a consultation. For a limited time, we are offering a fantastic add-on with any new installation; not only will you get a high quality, reliable system installed by our experts, but you’ll also receive a free annual maintenance. To take advantage of this great offer, just quote SERVICE23 at your initial appointment.

We know that technology provides us with access to a vast quantity of information, all at our fingertips. With more knowledge and information available than we sometimes know what to do with, choosing the right product from a sea of options can be a daunting task. For this reason, iClimate have worked closely with manufacturers such as Daikin, Mitsubishi and LG in order to provide you with the best price possible on our product range.

Our suppliers are leaders in their field, known for the reliability and quality of their products. We choose to only work with suppliers who hold the same high standards as we do. When you have your air conditioning system fitted by iClimate, you know you’re getting the best product, installed by the best team, at the best price.

We strongly believe that improving your quality of life by altering your environment shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. While air conditioning is an investment and an asset to your home, it should also be something that is attainable. Air conditioning installation prices have reduced over the last decade, and we are proud to supply options that are priced competitively compared to our competitors.

With an experienced team who have carried out work in every kind of building and can expertly fit both visible and discreet air conditioning options, iClimate are able to install single split air conditioning installations from as little as £1800. The cost may differ depending on the size of your room and the pipe-run available, but for an exact quote you can call us to arrange for one of our professionals to come out and provide you with a no-obligation estimate.

How Much Does Air Conditioning Cost? Not As Much As You Might Think.

Air conditioning has gone from being a luxury to a near necessity in many, if not all parts of London. We’ve found that many of our customers have come to because they are suffering from a number of health problems such as insomnia, breathing difficulties and asthma. A well fitted air conditioning system is one way to help ease these health issues. The filter cleanses and purifies the air, removing harmful bacteria from your environment.

iClimate have recognised the need for a good air conditioning installer in London that is competitively priced, and have reflected this in our charges. Our prices start from £1800 for a 2kw split wall mounted system which can be installed and ready to use in as little as 1 day!

Take a look at our air conditioning costs page for more information or call us to discuss your requirements on 020 3198 1101

Air conditioning offers

  1. Single Split System 2.5kw from £1800

With the installation being completed in as little time as a day, having air conditioning in your home has never been easier. And at our lowest price, with maintenance included using code SERVICE23, there’s never been a better time. Don’t be a slave to the heat wave this year, get in touch to discuss how we can make the climate in your home comfortable year-round.

  1. Single Indoor Split System 5kw from £2200

Perfect for larger rooms or an open plan layout, the 5kw air conditioning system can be guaranteed to keep you comfortable year-round. The power of the 5kw system is capable of lowering a room’s temperature quickly and efficiently, so you can have control of your climate at the touch of a button. The system can be installed within as few as 2-3 days. Give us a call today to find out whether the 5kw system is right for you.

By no means are these two offers the only options that we have available for you, but we like to keep things simple for our customers, and so we want to highlight our two of our most competitive air conditioning installation prices to give you an idea of how affordable it can be to make a big difference to your home. With running costs as low as 3p per hour to run a 2kw unit, our systems are an investment in your home.

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