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Air Conditioning


Has all this air conditioning terminology got you a bit tangled? Well here we try to break down the different varieties of system, to help you make sense of what may be the best option for you. With handy pictures (who doesn’t love a good diagram?) we hope to clarify what your option are. Still not quite sure what would best suit your home? Give us a call and one of our engineers can come out and give you obligation-free, tailored advice.  

Split Air Conditioning

Split air conditioning unit

  • Heat Pump
  • Various Indoor Units
  • Single Room
  • Heating & Cooling modes
  • Ideal for single room application
  • Starting from £1300


Multi air conditioning system

  • Ideal for domestic or lightcommercial use
  • Heating & cooling
  • Various indoor unit combinations
  • Up to 5x Indoor connectable units
  • Ideal refit solution
  • Starting from £2500


Centralised air conditioning

  • Ideal for large domestic properties or heavy commercial applications
  • Up to 15x rooms
  • Heating & cooling with simultaneous heat recovery option
  • Various indoor unitcombinations available
  • Starting from £7500


Ventilation by iClimate

  • Residential / Light Commercial application
  • Various diffuser combinations
  • Supply tempered fresh air
  • Starting from £1500

Commercial Installation

Commercial installation

  • Bespoke air handling
  • Unit design
  • Commercial use
  • Custom duct work design & install
  • Please enquire
  • POA

Wine Cellars

wine cellar installation

  • Custom refrigeration systems for optimum temperature control
  • Specific acoustic refrigeration system for low noise level outside
  • Bespoke humidity system for effective cork preservation
  • Remote monitoring and control option
  • POA


Renewables altherma system

  • Domestic air source heat pump systems for your DHW and heating requirements
  • Solar PV systems for electricity generation
  • Solar water systems for DHW usage
  • POA