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Ventilation Systems in London

Ventilation systems are an ideal solution for supplying clean, fresh air to areas that may be lacking in air movement. This lack in air quality can be due to a variety of reasons, but more often than not it can easily be solved by installing ventilation. As well as delivering conditioned air, the system extracts the hot, humid air from the area to ensure optimal circulation within the room.

The use of ventilation systems is essential in a range of environments and can beneficial in a great deal more. As air quality declines worldwide, more people are turning to ventilation in order to enhance the quality of their home, office or industrial environment.

We install innovative, high performance and energy-efficient ventilation solutions that are able to accommodate the needs of all types of commercial and residential buildings within the greater London area.

Commercial and Residential Ventilation Systems

Here at iClimate, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of ventilation systems for both commercial and residential applications. We bring together world class customer service with state of the art technology and will help to identify the best ventilation option for your needs. We understand that each of our clients comes with their own unique requirements, so we don’t employ a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach like many of our competitors. Nor do we charge you over the odds for a ‘boutique’ service. Instead, we work with you to ensure that the most suitable product is available for your project, based purely on your individual needs and budget.

Residential – Whatever the scale, iClimate can supply a ventilation system appropriate to the size of your residential project. Whether you need to provide improved airflow to a new loft conversion or are integrating a MVHR system into plans for your new-build home, iClimate can supply, fit and maintain the right product for you. Not sure what difference ventilation can make to your home? The sales of our MVHR systems are on the rise for a reason – improved air quality. A far cry from the systems of old, which effectively just pushed air around, modern systems not only circulate, but improve the air too. With the increased pollution in cities, as well as problems with stale air in summer and condensation in winter, a ventilation system creates a more comfortable home and can help to improve residents’ general health.

Commercial - If you are looking for a ventilation system for your school, hotel, restaurant, or any other commercial environment in London, our expert team can help identify the best equipment to meet your needs. We provide high quality, reliable ventilation systems that remove and replace substandard air.

We have a huge range of stock available, from fans and filters to dampers and grilles, and can supply all of that and more, at highly competitive prices.

Expert ventilation installation and maintenance

We understand the value of our customers and provide a service that you can depend on. As a business, we are committed to delivering quality, reliability, and longevity. All of our installations are carried out to Industry standard regulations, such as HVCA/CIBSE  and, where required, will adhere to local building control for ventilation systems.

Because a product is only as good as it’s installation, our dedicated ventilation team are specialists in their field. Not only are they fully certified, they are highly skilled in all stages of the process. The team can design, install, and maintain a wide range of ventilation systems. Anything in the field that they don’t know, isn’t worth knowing.

We recommend that all of our customers get their systems regularly maintained in order to guarantee longevity of the product. Over time the filters and fans will need cleaning, which is why all of our ventilation team are trained in maintenance as well as installation. So, should you call us for a maintenance service in the future, it may well be the person who originally installed it doing the work. How’s that for service?

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