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Residential Air Conditioning London

Air Conditioning in London: The Ultimate in Home Comfort

Our residential installation services in and around London will allow you to achieve the perfect climate in your home, year round. Complaining about the weather is a national pastime. But imagine being able to discuss the pitfalls of a British summer with your colleagues, before returning to a perfectly climate-controlled home, set to provide just the right humidity and temperature, year-round.

Using high-performance units that don’t compromise on style, we ensure that every design and installation suits not only the property, but the people living there too. With controls to ensure that each room of your home is comfortable and energy-efficient, our designs incorporate easy-to-use functionality and aesthetically pleasing designs that will complement your home.

With noise being one of the most important factors for many clients, we have worked with the manufacturers to provide only the quietest of systems where possible. A range of things can lead to increased noise levels from your system, such as a poor-quality pump or badly installed fittings. You won’t need to worry about that with an installation from iClimate.

We ensure that with every part we select for your installation, we consider noise and aesthetics as well as function, to create the perfect system for your home. iClimate are experts in this area; as well as having access to a range of low-decibel products, we also have the facilities to suppress noise levels through the installation and materials we use.

Residential Air Conditioning London: The Service

Dedicated to providing the very best results, our residential air conditioning team in London are always on-hand to walk clients through the design, installation, and maintenance processes.

Our team have all-round experience so that they can provide you with the full service. When you book a consultation with iClimate you won’t just get a salesman, our expert advisors can explain the process to you from beginning to end.

With extensive experience in the industry and accreditation to install and advise on the biggest and most efficient brands in residential air conditioning London, our team take pride in their work and strive to make each and every installation perfect.

Not Just For Keeping Cool

Although air conditioning units are well known for their ability to cool a room, many people don’t know that they can be used for economical heating too. Depending on how you want to use your system, we can suggest a unit that cools, heats and cleans the air in your home.

Domestic Air Conditioning in London: Installation

Our team of air conditioning installers are highly skilled, with a solid foundation in all elements of residential air conditioning. To ensure you only receive the highest quality installation and design, iClimate commit to:

  • Manage the project completely, from start to finish.
  • Complete all building work necessary to install an air conditioning system seamlessly in your home.
  • Carry out all electrical works to NICEIC standards.
  • Advise upon and offer a range of aesthetic products to ensure that the completed home air conditioning system complements your décor.
  • Complete all necessary decorating work, ensuring a clean finish.
  • Ensure that future maintenance is considered in advance and solutions made simple through our design, removing the need for extensive building or redecorating work in the future.

Air Conditioning in the Home: Noise levels

In the past, air conditioning in London was synonymous with ungainly units that were as subtle as a tank - and not much quieter than one! Those days are long gone. Modern systems are designed to be economic and blend into the background visually and aurally. With suppliers constantly updating their technology to make systems more efficient and practical, noise levels have declined too. If you are unfortunate enough to have an old ducted system, which was usually installed during the build, you will find they are not cost effective to repair and can be the cause of high noise levels disrupting your sleep (and your neighbours too). With this in mind, iClimate offer a 10% discount off the entire install if you choose to replace your old system this summer. Don't forget that any system we install can be used for both heating and cooling so benefits you all year round, and is subject to only 5% VAT. You can view the different systems and their noise level specifications on our Library page.

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