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MVHR Heat Recovery Ventilator Systems

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems provide an energy efficient way to maintain a comfortable atmosphere in your home while also saving you money on your utility bills. A high performance MVHR system will quietly and efficiently provide warmth in your home when required, as well as fresh, filtered air all year round. Installing an MVHR system in your home offers a whole host of benefits, including enhanced air quality and reduced dust and allergen levels.

The Benefits of a Heat Recovery Ventilator in Your Home

Often when we’re commissioned to undertake domestic air conditioning projects, we recommend the installation of a MVHR (mechanical heat recovery ventilation) system over a split single system. The MVHR are perfectly equipped to supply fresh, tempered air to the living spaces throughout your property – offering year-round, home ventilation that removes any condensation and pollutants, whilst improving indoor air quality and recovering any heat that would otherwise be lost outside.

How it Works

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems provide circulation to your whole house by both supplying and extracting air throughout the property. Not only is it a low energy, efficient ventilation solution, but it reuses up to 95% of heat that would otherwise have been lost.

Air is pulled from wet rooms such as utility, kitchen and bathrooms, and the heat extracted through a heat recovery unit. The system then uses the recovered heat to raise the temperature of fresh, filtered air, and disperse it into bedrooms and living rooms. This is a fantastic way to recycle heat into other areas of your home, all while providing fresh air and circulation.

Although the system operates on a trickle system, continuously filtering and circulating the air; it can be overridden during summer months to bypass the heat recovery unit. For this reason, a heat recovery ventilator is perfectly suited to our short British summers and long winter months.

Skilled and Experienced Engineers

Our expert engineers are fully equipped with all of the knowledge, skills, and experience they need (and then some) to provide a fantastic service. They will:

Design your system

Our engineers have a background in building, so they will be able to give you advice on how best to arrange the system within your home. The layout is important to get right, both for optimal efficiency and creating the most comfortable climate.

Install your system

We weren’t exaggerating when we said our teams have a background in building. Any work needed to install the MVHR unit will be carried out by our engineers, keeping the process as simple as possible for you. No need to book the painter/decorators after completion, we’ll touch up any parts of the home that need it. We even make sure to leave the property as we found it, so there’s no cleaning work to complete before you can sit back and enjoy your newly ventilated home.

Maintain the MVHR unit

We highly recommend that all of our systems have regular maintenance carried out, ideally once a year. This keeps your unit operating efficiently and ensures it continues to benefit your home for years to come.

Repair the MVHR if ever needed

Even the best quality products may need repairing occasionally. We’re so confident in what we do that we carry out repairs ourselves (for a nominal charge). Be wary of any firm who are unwilling to repair or maintain their installations.

The residential team focus solely on dwellings of all shapes and sizes. We understand that what may be suitable for a commercial property won’t necessarily work in a home. For that reason, our teams specialise only in either residential or commercial installations, ensuring you get the best possible solutions to your ventilation needs.

What Does it Cost?

The system uses two small fans to circulate air, one of our smaller MVHR units uses 22 watts, about the same as a lightbulb at a cost of 10p per day.

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