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Commercial Ventilation in London

At iClimate, we’re passionate about providing the perfect indoor climate – after all, everyone feels better with clean air to breathe. Our energy efficient systems allow fresh air to flow throughout the building as well as assisting with the extraction of stale air. This reduces humidity whilst maintaining a comfortable environment and allows for a setting that will support efficient performance at all times. Whatever your industry, we can supply tailored commercial ventilation in London, designed for you.

High Performance Ventilation Systems

Good ventilation is a necessity in any habitable environment. When there is lack of natural air flow, iClimate Solutions can help. Our systems supply fresh air whilst extracting the hot humid air from the target area. A good ventilation system brings clean air indoors and is also suitable for the type and size of building it is contained within.

iClimate offers a range of products suitable for providing commercial ventilation in London buildings, including heat recovery ventilation solutions for residential and office environments. These are a cost-effective option for locations where there is no room for an outdoor heat exchanger.

Heat Recovery Ventilation is one of our most requested systems in office buildings. Providing fresh, clean air in the warmer months, and removing moist, condensation over the cold months, this system can also heat incoming air to warm up the office space. It works by running extracted air over a heat exchange element, storing any warmth or moisture before releasing that heat into the new air as it flows past the element. This is particularly useful for offices that have a server room where warm air could be recycled for heating.

For businesses that have to contend with air pollutants such as dust, fumes or smells, we can install a system to help. Because of the cycling nature of our ventilation units, as well as distributing fresh air, they remove stale or polluted air. This can be particularly useful in enclosed environments when opening doors isn’t an option. Installing a good quality commercial ventilation system can improve the health and happiness of your employees.

We also provide many restaurant kitchens with commercial ventilation in London. Our customers find that the combination of a quality unit and a professional installation make for a much more efficient system than anything that they may have been using previously. If your building has an outdated, ducted system, get in touch to find out how quick, easy and reasonably priced a replacement can be.

Commercial Ventilation Installation: Our Expert Ventilation Engineers

Ventilation systems must be properly maintained according to a strict schedule if you want to ensure they continue to perform to their optimum standard and reach their maximum energy efficiency levels. Our dedicated commercial ventilation team are fully qualified in designing, installing, maintaining and repairing all of our products. We’re here to help you at every point of the process, from beginning to end.

All of our ductwork installations are carried out to Industry standard regulations, such as HVCA/CIBSE  and, where required, will also be in line with local building control standards for ventilation systems.

Why iClimate Solutions?

We are experts in our field. Although we supply solutions to both residential and commercial customers, we understand the unique challenges that you may face on a commercial project. For this reason, we have dedicated teams for each group. Our commercial team specialise in working on larger projects where there may be obstacles in layout or design. The team will help you to find the perfect design to meet your needs, at the best possible price.


Maintaining your ventilation system will ensure it has a long, useful life. We provide maintenance plans as an optional extra for all commercial customers. Ask one of our team for a no-obligation quote.

Should any issues arise with your ventilation system, we can fix it. Even the most reliable and durable equipment can fail, sometimes due to environmental conditions or even just down to vandalism. Whatever the reason, we can repair it and get you up and running with minimal disruption.

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