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Air Conditioning Systems for Schools

Studies have shown that maintaining the correct temperature within the classroom for children has a direct effect on child learning and attention spans.

As class sizes increases and school buildings age, learning spaces are often overpopulated, humid and uncomfortable. This can’t be a great environment for quality teaching and learning. These conditions are what are driving more and more schools to talk to us at iClimate about installing specialist air conditioning systems for their establishment.

Air conditioning in schools comes with several welcome benefits. Although a few schools in the UK have adopted and are enjoying the benefits of a more comfortable learning environment, others have yet to reap the benefits.

School Air Conditioning Systems at iClimate

In schools, colleges, and universities, it’s vital that the right temperature is maintained.

From classrooms, lecture theatres, and workshops, through to sports halls, catering areas, and IT suites, effective air conditioning systems will optimise the environment for learning, ensuring that your teachers and students remain cool, calm, and concentrated.

The Benefits of Air Conditioning in Schools

Schools are, first and foremost, places of learning. It is extremely difficult for teachers and students to concentrate if the environment is too hot or humid (or too cold, for that matter). Most heating systems just about keep schools warm during the winter, but come the summer term and exam season, too many students are sweltering in hot, stuffy classrooms.

As schools have invested heavily in technology in recent years, so too are they starting to realise the importance of providing a comfortable environment for staff and pupils. After all, surely the learning environment is as equally important as learning. It’s not just concentration and performance which is affected by poor conditions, but behaviour too.  

Exam Performance

In the UK, our most important exams take place during the hot, humid summer months. It is well known that students whose concentration is affected by the heat under-perform, in comparison to those who are learning in a cooler environment. High-performing schools are increasingly investing in air conditioning systems to ensure that their examination rooms are comfortable, so that students can get on with the task in front of them and achieve their full potential.

Comfort in the Learning Environment

Many London schools are increasingly overcrowded, with class sizes growing beyond the capacity of existing classrooms. This leads to full classrooms becoming more and more uncomfortable, and has a negative impact on behaviour and concentration. Here at iClimate we specialise in air conditioning systems for London, and have worked with numerous schools across the capital, so we know what conditions can be like. We are here to help by delivering air conditioning across the school, keeping both staff and pupils’ temperatures stable throughout the day.

Higher Levels of Concentration

When students become too hot, they become distracted and behaviour starts to deteriorate. This is because our brains are hardwired to focus on the primary task of cooling down. Students can focus on their learning much more effectively when they are comfortable. By investing in air conditioning for your school, you are ensuring that your teachers can get on with their jobs and that the learning process is no longer at mercy to the weather.

Better Teaching

It’s not just children who struggle to perform in the heat. By maintaining a stable temperature in schools, teachers are able to plan more challenging lessons, even during the hottest parts of the day.

Reduction in Heat Stroke

Cases of heat stroke in London’s schools are on the rise every year. Schools have a duty of care towards their students, with heat stroke being a genuine risk to young people. It can also impact negatively on attendance, with some children requiring several days of absence to recover fully.

Energy Efficiency

We know that the initial investment in air conditioning is beyond the reach of many schools. However, with modern technology, the energy efficiency delivered by our air conditioning units vastly reduces a school’s utility bills. Schools are increasingly looking at the bigger picture in terms of the sustainability and long-term cost savings that air conditioning delivers.

Why iClimate?

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do at iClimate. With over 30 years’ experience delivering air conditioning systems across London, you know that you are in safe hands with us. We work closely with you to design solutions that meet your practical and budget requirements and we work hard to deliver top performance products at cost-effective prices. All our engineers are F-Gas certified, giving you peace of mind.

It is our efficient and reliable service that has established us as the leading air conditioning supplier in London, with a strong, loyal and expanding client base. Our values – superior customer service, product knowledge, expert engineers and cost-effectiveness – simply set us apart.

We deliver a range of after care packages, with our dedicated team of engineers on hand 24/7.

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