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At iClimate we offer a range of air conditioning installation services across the greater London area. Our knowledgeable team have the skills to supply, install, and repair the latest systems for both residential and commercial spaces. You can learn more about some of the systems available here.

Our many years of experience allows us to work with the client at every stage, without the need to complicate things by employing subcontractors. Our customers find that this provides a smooth installation as not only do we provide the install, but we oversee every part of the job including the building and any required decorative work. Our team will provide you with full peace of mind as you only have to hire one company to see the job through to completion, without having to look for builders or painters to finish off. We’ll even take care of the cleaning!

For larger or more complicated London air conditioning installation projects, we also provide our customers with a dedicated project manager who is available 24 hours a day if needs be, with expert air conditioning solutions to all of your queries.

Professional Air Conditioning Installers

Our skilled and experienced air conditioning installers are at the very heart of our business. Each team being behind the designs, right through to the installation and maintenance solutions are what make us different. With a range of services to suit all residential and commercial HVAC needs, we guarantee comfort and temperature control for any purpose, in every season.

Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions

Whether you are thinking about installing a new air con system in your home, office, laboratory, data centre, hotel or any other building, there are a few points you should consider. Apart from the cost, it’s important to consider the following three points:

  • Is the air conditioning company registered?
  • Are the engineers FGas qualified?
  • Will there be a guarantee and warranty in place?

These questions really are crucial and will avoid any complications that may arise after the installation has taken place. It will also, importantly, provide you with peace of mind. Don’t pay good money for a reliable brand of air conditioning system and risk having it installed by a cowboy.


iClimate has over 30 years of experience in the HVAC sector and are fully qualified to install, maintain and repair our systems. To find out more, click through to our dedicated pages for the home or business.


Our residential London air conditioning installation services allow you to achieve the perfect climate in your home. We use high-performance units which don’t compromise on style and ensure that every design and installation suits not only the property, but the people living there too. Our team have all-round experience so that they can provide you with the full service, from helping to choose the right product for you, to touching up any paintwork at the end of the job. Discuss your requirements with one of our experts and see how easy it can be to have a full air conditioning system cool and heat your home, year round.


In a world where customer satisfaction rests on a lot more than simply providing good service and quality products, a comfortable, inviting environment is becoming more important than ever. Keeping your premises cool and comfortable, whether you work in an office or in retail, is now increasingly expected as standard. This is where commercial London air conditioning installation can be an asset to your business. We can walk you through the options available, create a design specific to your premises, and find a solution that will work best for you. All of this from as little as £999.

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