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Air Conditioning for Shops

Air conditioning in shops, pubs and restaurants is no longer being seen as an optional extra. To ensure that customers and staff remain comfortable, it’s vital that retail and hospitality spaces are properly ventilated with a high-performance air conditioning system.

At iClimate, we know that a comfortable environment encourages foot fall and increases sales. Shops that are too hot in summer or too cold in winter are not welcoming spaces. Air conditioning for shops keeps a stable temperature all year round, making sure that staff and customers can relax. This increases profitability, by ensuring that customers will enjoy their visit, stay for longer and browse more. It also encourages repeat business and helps to spread the word about your shop or restaurant.

Our air conditioning for shops and restaurants provide hot and cold air and are suitable for all sorts of commercial premises, from a small corner shop through to restaurants and large shopping centres.

Retail Options

Here at iClimate, we begin by coming out to visit you at your premises, with a free site survey as a standard part of our customer care package. During this visit, we will discuss your requirements and look at the specifications of the project, before going through the various options with you. These include:

Ceiling-Mounted ‘Cassette’ Units

These are our most popular option when providing air conditioning for shops and restaurants. Cost-effective and discreet, they are completely hidden behind a false ceiling. Cassette units are easy to maintain and service and leave all your wall space clear for displays, lighting and stock.

Suspended Air Conditioning Units

If you do not have a suspended ceiling, then we can install suspended air conditioners. These are slim, lightweight, quiet and fit flush to the ceiling, create a steady stream of air flow over a large area. Most come with a remote control and washable filters, making them very straightforward to operate and maintain. Incredibly easy to install, this is a quick and good value way to find a solution to your air conditioning issue. We stock all the major brands, including Daikin.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Here at iClimate, we are the leading supplier in London for ducted air conditioning systems. Ducted air conditioning is the most discreet and effective of all the options. The whole system is hidden behind a suspended ceiling and is usually the most practical solution for larger shops and shopping centres. Usually, the other options would simply not be able to provide the appropriate levels of heating, ventilation and air conditioning for such big spaces. Aesthetically, ducted systems are also highly desirable, as all that remains visible is the grilles, which are available in a number of styles. These grilles ensure that air flow and temperature is uniform across large areas.

iClimate supply all the major brands of ducted air conditioning systems, including Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and LG.  

Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners

In some premises where wall space is not at a premium, we offer cost-effective wall-mounted air conditioners. Quiet and easy to retrofit, they cause minimal disruption – you won’t even need to redecorate.

Air Conditioning a Shop

We understand the specific needs of shops and retail environments when it comes to the installation of air conditioning systems. Retail and shop air conditioning installation typically need to be completed to a short timescale – requiring speed, co-operation, and flexibility on behalf of our installers.

In terms of design, it’s important that the equipment is as unobtrusive as possible and able to accommodate high footfall and high temperature variants, often found in this type of environment.

Air Conditioning for Small Shops

iClimate work with numerous luxury brand retail stores and shopping centres within London. We understand that the aesthetic aspect of retail outlets reflects the client’s label and brand. Many retail outlets operate with open door policies and hence we take this into consideration when suggesting the correct system.

We offer bespoke grilles and design custom heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions to integrate with your brand’s visual appeal.

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