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At iClimate, we are passionate about providing the perfect indoor climate.

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Ventilation Solutions in London

Supplying fresh air, whilst extracting the hot humid air from the conditioned area, ventilation systems are essential in a wide range of different environments.


Commercial and Residential Ventilation Systems 

Here at iclimate, we offer a variety of ventilation systems and solutions for both commercial and residential applications. Bringing together world class customer service with state of the art technology, we’ll help you identify the best ventilation option for your needs.

We install innovative, high performance, and energy efficient ventilation solutions that are able to accommodate the needs of all types of commercial and residential buildings in London. Whether you’re looking for a ventilation system for your home, school, hotel, restaurant, or any other residential or commercial environment in London, our expert team will identify the best equipment to keep your needs, including fans, filters, dampers, grilles, and more at highly competitive prices.


Expert ventilation installation and maintenance

Our dedicated ventilation team are skilled and experienced in the design, installation, and maintenance of a wide range of ventilation systems. We are committed to delivering quality, reliability, and longevity – ventilation systems you can depend on. All of our installations are carried out to Industry standard regulations, such as HVCA/CIBSE  and, where required, adhere to local building control for ventilation systems.


For further information about our residential and commercial ventilation systems, please get in touch.