Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Installation must-knows

Do not think of air conditioning as a big mechanical unit that pumps and circulates either cold or warm air directly at you causing a feeling of discomfort. If installed properly, it can actually benefit our health without us even noticing. iClimate Solutions work with homeowners, architects and builders to provide the perfect environment for you to live work and play in.

Here are some of the benefits on your health?

Keep your allergy at bay with a supply of fresh clean air
Lower the humidity in any room and in turn prevent dust mites and mould
Help regulate your circadian rhythm by creating a comfortable living or working space
Improves comfort levels and can be controlled

Residential Air Conditioning Installation

The most common unit used is a Split air conditioning system first derived in Japan. Today this can be seen in many high-end properties around the globe.

If quick installation as well as simple control combined with a cost effective solution is top of your agenda than this would be the ideal solution for you.


Any air conditioned space should be regularly maintained as well as ventilated to maximise efficiency

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