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Hitachi Air Conditioning Joins Forces With Johnson Controls

A major collaboration in the form of a joint venture bringing together Hitachi Air Conditioning and Johnson Controls began last month. This venture, known as Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning, has introduced new benefits to customers as a wider choice of products will be developed from combining a huge range of experience in the industry from two leading companies.

The formulation of a new business entity

The ownership of the new venture consists of Johnson Controls controlling 60 percent of the business and Hitachi maintaining ownership of the remaining 40 percent. The collaborative management team will be headed by Franz Cerwinka from Johnson Controls and Shinichi Iizuka from Hitachi. Together, they will bring a total of 55 years’ experience to the joint venture.

The size of this collaboration is sure to affect the market on a global scale. The venture boasts 14,000 employees over 24 locations worldwide that will cover every aspect of production of the combined range, from design to manufacture.

Access to the widest variety of products available

The partnership of the two companies will mean customers all over the globe will have access to the largest range of air conditioning technology on the market today. Whether clients are looking for solutions for residential buildings or commercial premises, this collaboration promises to provide a range of choices to meet a variety of different needs as the two leaders in the industry bring together their technologies to widen their reach globally.

In fact, changes have already begun to take place with Hitachi’s market leading Variable Refrigerant Flow systems being sold in North America by Johnson Controls, and a brand new training centre dedicated to these systems opening in Dallas, Texas.

A new powerhouse in the HVAC industry

Both companies have individually prided themselves on providing innovative solutions for their customers and now, by combining their forces, customers can expect the joint venture to bring innovation in the HVAC industry to a new level, therefore catapulting Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning ahead of their competition.

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