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Traditionally, most people in the UK have used central heating to keep their homes warm in the winter, and then simply thrown open the windows during the summer months. But the recent heatwave has demonstrated that this isn’t a great solution – the whole of Britain has sweltered over for most of July and August this year. We’ve seen a huge surge in sales, and many people have been asking us whether their new home air conditioning system will work alongside or instead of their central heating. You won’t be surprised to hear us say that air con can far outperform central heating! Here are our top three reasons for investing in year-round climate control.

Air conditioning is cheaper to run

We know that the cost of installing air conditioning puts some people off, but the fact is, it’s actually one of the most efficient methods of heating your home or workspace. Large radiators can take an age to warm up and the heat dissipates, because the system only heats the air directly around the radiator. During its life span, it should save you a considerable amount of money on running costs, when compared to a traditional central heating system.

Businesses can recoup some installation costs

The government is trying to encourage energy efficiency, and as such has been offering the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme since 2015. This allows businesses to invest in energy-saving technology (such as air conditioning), which otherwise might be too expensive (in the first year, businesses can set 100% of the cost of the installation of air conditioning against that year’s taxable profits).

Sadly, the ECA scheme doesn’t apply to domestic properties, but it is at the very least a demonstration of how highly efficient modern air conditioning systems are, when compared with the running costs of central heating.

If a building requires cooling, it’s more energy efficient to heat it via the same system

Ultimately, if you’re interested in air conditioning to cool your home or workspace, then it makes sense to use this same system for heating the building. It is cheaper, more energy efficient, and much kinder on the environment. Plus, air conditioning doesn’t just provide a constant stream of warm or cool air, but it supplies circulation and filters the air as well.

air conditioning installation

But don’t take our word for it. We recently installed a home air conditioning system for Liz Lycett in Kennington, who had been living with very inefficient heating for years. During the winter, her house was freezing cold, but her home didn’t cope any better in the summer, when it was stuffy and hot. Liz had recently given up employment to start her own business, and it was lonely when she started working from home that she realised how energy inefficient and uncomfortable her house was.

Liz’s home had been heated via electric night storage heaters, which were horribly expensive and inefficient, and she often found herself absolutely freezing whilst trying to work during the winter days. Her sister lives in Texas, where central heating is standard, and suggested she look into it.

‘I had never even considered getting air conditioning until my sister mentioned it,’ said Liz ‘I had always wanted to get gas central heating, but after reading about it, it seemed like a home air conditioning system would be much cheaper to run. I’ve never looked back!’

Once Liz had made the decision to install air conditioning, she phoned us at iClimate. We recommended a split system that would save on space, be easy to use, and heat Liz’s home effectively. Best of all, it is highly discreet and barely visible!

However, Liz said the home air conditioning system really came into its own during the recent summer heatwave in London.

‘I couldn’t believe how wonderful and cool my house was. I’d come in from outdoors, where it was terribly hot, and it was like that feeling you get when you open the fridge on a hot day – so cool and refreshing. It is incredible having a system that is so easy to use and controls the climate all year round. I can’t stop recommending it to everyone I see!’

Liz was extra pleased when her energy bills came through a few months after installation. It turns out that air conditioning is saving her about £8 a month compared to her old night storage heaters.

‘I can’t recommend iClimate enough,’ said Liz. They were brilliant from start to finish, with wonderful staff and engineers and plenty of solutions to fit my space and budget. I can’t wait to be properly warm this winter!’

For more information on our year round home air conditioning systems (split systems start at just £799), contact us today!

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