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Digital Refrigeration Gauges: The Future, Today

When installing and maintaining refrigeration and heat pump systems, a manifold gauge is a crucial bit of kit. Designed to perform diagnosis on your system and check for leaks and pressure variation, these gauges can significantly lengthen the lifespan of your system by spotting any potential problems early, allowing them to be nipped in the bud before they grow in seriousness and expense.

Most HVAC specialists install their systems with an analog gauge, but digital refrigeration gauges like those we use at iClimate Solutions are vastly superior for a number of reasons. Here is our guide to everything you need to know about digital refrigeration gauges.


Digital or analog?

Any HVAC specialist will need to consider at some point in their career whether to invest in a digital or analog refrigeration gauge. The underlying principle for both types of refrigeration gauge is the same; they are both used to ensure your cooling device is clear of contaminated refrigerant and make sure that the pressure is kept at an even level. Traditionally, analog gauges have been the more popular choice from a cost standpoint, and indeed in London, they are still very widely used. However, the benefits of digital refrigeration gauges are extensive, and as such it is the tool of choice by any HVAC specialists who is at the top of their game. Digital refrigeration gauges are widely seen as more convenient, easy to read and crucially, much more accurate than their analog counterparts.


What are the benefits of digital refrigeration gauges?

There are a number of reasons to using a digital refrigeration gauge in the place of an analog one. Here are some of the key benefits to going digital:

Absolute accuracy

A digital refrigeration gauge means that pinpoint accuracy is a given. While analog models require the user to work out exactly where the needle is hovering, a digital unit calculates measurements precisely. No need to pinpoint what the reading is saying; it’s clear, concise, and easy to read. This means the user will always get the correct measurement, first time and every time. No more guesswork and calculation, just clear information on a digital screen.

Automatic calculation

Depending on the type of digital refrigeration gauge, all manner of diagnostic information can be automatically calculated. Whereas an analog system requires the user to work out the sums themself, a digital system eliminates any potential for human error. Digital gauges can include automatic functions such as superheating and subcooling calculations, ambient pressure measurement, vacuum measurements, and temperature-compensated leakage tests.

Inbuilt refrigerant library

Digital refrigeration gauges come with the most common refrigerants stored in the device, with updates available via smartphone app.

Models to suit all budgets and applications

At iClimate Solutions we use Testo digital refrigeration gauges, which come in a range of options. Whether the user needs a gauge that includes smartphone connectivity, a large refrigerant library, or a model that enables analysis of its readings, then the right option is out there. While analog refrigeration gauges may be cheaper to buy, there is no reason not to invest in a digital unit, especially when a customers machinery benefits so greatly by having it.

We believe that any modern-day HVAC specialist should be employing the latest technology to ensure their customer’s investment is well maintained. You don’t tell the time using a sundial, so why still use an analog gauge when dealing with valuable equipment? To talk through how a digital refrigeration gauge can benefit you or your business, talk with one of our friendly team of HVAC experts on 020 3198 1101.

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