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How noisy are Air Conditioning units?

This is a question that we are asked a lot! It is a concern that many homeowners have when considering an air conditioning installation for their home. Is it quiet enough so the neighbours do not complain? Will it keep the children awake at night? The simple answer is YES, it s quiet enough.

To put things into perspective, the decibel (dB) level is used to measure sound…

20 dB = watch ticking
40 dB = fridge noise
60 dB = normal conversation.
80 dB = alarm clock.
100 dB = child screaming

An air conditioning system can vary between 35 – 45 dB rating depending on where and how it has been installed. Air conditioning installed in your home should not cause enough noise so that the neighbours complain or the children lie awake at night.

Major manufacturers have debated this question and have competed against each other to produce the most quietest but aesthetically pleasing units. As wall mounted units are one of the most cost-effective way to achieve a cool environment in the summer and a warm environment in the winter, iClimate recommend Daikin equipment above them all. With the vast amount of installations we have completed, we believe that Daikin is much more refined if noise is ever a concern. If your budget  allows and noise is a major factor, take a look at our invisible air conditioning options. This minimises both outdoor and indoor noise as well as hiding the units.

Depending on where you live or work, council permission may be necessary too. We can assist you through the application for planning as well as providing information on what can and cannot be done!

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