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Technology is a huge part of our society, with new developments across every industry emerging at an alarmingly rapid pace.

Projects such as the Toshiba’s information desk assistant have even taken the concept of robotics out of the movies and given them a place in day to day life. In this article, we will explore a few ways in which robots are predicted to benefit our lives in the future.

Home assistants

Smart phones and watches already have the capabilities to make life easier, however, there is still plenty of room for improvement, something that we can see from the development of robots such as Jibo. These robotic assistants will be able to carry out everyday tasks, such as turning on lights or electric appliances in anticipation of your arrival home, or enabling you to communicate with family and friends through voice recognition.

There are various companies that are dedicated to the continued development of the intelligence of these robots, and so their abilities to carry out multiple tasks around the home is sure to continue to grow.

Home security

Robotics have been used in military defence for many years and now the role is now set to expand domestically. Home automation systems will continue to advance so that our homes will eventually be able to warn us of potential intruders and even, according to some predictions, prevent them from breaking and entering.


We all often wish we could be in two places at once and now the future holds this possibility. We can already connect with people anywhere in the world with FaceTime and Skype, and this is set to develop into the ability to carry out tasks. Predictions suggest that this technology will enable us to virtually attend conferences or meetings anywhere in the world or even send a robot to do our shopping for us while we work.

What does the future hold?

From current technological advances and the ever-growing nature of technology, it is fairly safe to say that whatever developments in robotics the future holds, they are sure to influence our lives for the better.

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