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A Residential Retrofit – Installing AC in a London Townhouse

We recently completed a retrofit installation of an AC system for a family located in Clapham. In this extended terraced home, a loft conversion had created two new rooms above the master bedroom. The rooms were a fantastic addition to the house; however, the owners were struggling to keep the temperature of the upper floors controlled. This hadn’t become apparent until the recent heatwave, when they quickly realised that some control over the climate was going to be needed, especially as one of the rooms had been earmarked as a nursery for their soon-to-arrive baby.

As house prices continue to rise, more people are making the decision to stay put in their home and invest in making it work better for them, rather than go through the stress and rigmarole of moving. In fact, the majority of our residential installations are homes in which the loft space has been converted or an additional floor added. While the rooms are wonderfully warm over winter, as soon as the summer days start heating up, homeowners struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature. That’s where we come in!

iClimate Solutions can integrate a system into your home with minimal disruption and no follow-on work needed. Understandably, a big concern for anyone investigating having an AC system retrofitted is that it seems like a massive, disruptive project. The last thing anyone wants is someone coming in and ripping holes in their ceilings and tearing plaster off the walls. We’ve seen first-hand the destruction that cowboys leave behind; no-one should have to deal with that. We know that your home is your castle, which is why our team see the entire project through from beginning to end. Not only do we help you with the design and layout of your system, but after installing it we carry out all necessary work to make your house a home again. We will construct joinery, plaster over the inlaid pipework and touch up the paint, all as part of the service.

In this property we installed a multi-split system across three bedrooms, two in the  extended loft space and one in the master bedroom below, as well as within the upper landing. The bedrooms were fitted with attractive round air diffusers, while in the nursery a wall mounted unit allows for stable temperature year-round. All rooms were provided with receiver points to allow for remote controlled regulation. A singular set of pipes feeds the four indoor units and connects to the main outdoor unit which has been placed discreetly under a garden window.

Our customers were blown away with the finished result and praised the installation team for a job well done. If you’re struggling to keep your home comfortable this summer, why not get in touch for an obligation-free chat with one of our engineer team. AC – the investment that keeps on giving.

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