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Smart Technology: Options For Controlling Your Air Conditioning System

Whether you are looking at options to control a small residential AC system, or a commercial grade unit, there are a range of products available to suit your needs. Long gone are the days when your only option was a bulky, off-white thermostat screwed into a wall. Today’s air conditioning controllers are keeping pace with modern technology, making your life easier. There are options available at every price point, with some extremely simple to use, and some at the more high tech end of the spectrum. Read on to find out more about the choices available to you for controlling your air conditioning system.


Wired Wall Controller

The most basic option is the wired control unit, wall mounted but with all wiring hidden out of sight. Simple and easy to use, wired wall controllers have stood the test of time - after all, if it ain’t broke…

While you shouldn’t expect any bells or whistles with one of these units, as generally they’re restricted to the bare basics, the wired wall controller boasts the lowest price point of our list. If you’re interested in a low cost, understated option for controlling your HVAC system, this may be just what you’re looking for.


Wireless Infrared Controller

Another great choice is a wireless infrared (IR) controller, which uses IR to control your air conditioner - just like a remote control. These controllers can also connect seamlessly to the internet, allowing you to connect your AC system to your smartphone. Using sensors, they can detect when the last person leaves your home or office, and adjust the connected unit accordingly. Upon the first person returning, the controller can be set to ramp the system up again. Smart features like this can reduce your air conditioner’s electricity costs by as much as 40%.

wireless infrared controller

WiFi Interface

If you’ve got a smartphone (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) you already have a potential HVAC controller in your back pocket. No longer do you need to be in the same room to control your system, and you’ll certainly never have to worry about misplacing a standard controller. Instead, just press the app for your system and bring it up to temperature, control fan speed, all without the need to even leave your seat.

wireless air conditioning interface


Cloud Network

Control your commercial space from any web-enabled device, wherever you are. With products like the Daikin Cloud network, you can create zone specific heating, cooling, ventilation or refrigeration. This allows you to set a comfortable temperature in your retail environment, reduce costs by using low temperatures in warehousing, and allow flexibly controlled heating in the staffroom, all at your fingertips.

Not only is this a highly effective solution for small to medium commercial properties in terms of convenience, but the benefits continue. With all of your business’s HVAC data in one place, you can easily track energy consumption and maximise efficiency.

And if something goes wrong? Technicians can be given remote access to your Cloud, allowing them to troubleshoot immediately.


Central touch manager

Last but not least, is the game-changing central touch manager. The ideal option for medium to large businesses, this allows you to control hundreds of units, all from one central system. With leading models available from brands such as Daikin and Mitsubishi, these touch screen controllers enable you to consolidate all of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning units into one system. The software even allows for integration with other systems, such as lights, lifts, alarms and sensors. And because it’s compatible with any web-enabled device,, you can control the systems in your building from wherever you may be in the world.  

Central Touch Manager

Whether you want a cost-effective, simple to use controller, or you require a complete building management solution, there are plenty of options available to you. Contact our friendly team of HVAC experts on 020 3198 1101 today and we will guide you through the choices to find the controller that best suits your needs.

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