Air Conditioning

The evolution of air conditioning

Over the past few years the cost of Air Conditioning has risen on a global scale. This is of course the case for much of what we use in our daily lives, however Air Conditioning has not just increased on a quantitative scale but also on a qualitative one. Qualified professionals in design and installation should now be able to match your aesthetic requirements with equipment that is effective and efficient. 1902 was the year of the first advanced electrical air conditioning unit invented by Carrier, Willis in New York.

Since then, modern mechanical equipment has taken leaps and bounds in use and look. All those in need of renovating or wish to eliminate the polluted air of the out doors will require some form of fresh air supply. HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) is the answer for this. No more unattractive units that seem to take up too much presence in any space installed. Air conditioning Installation is now as discreet, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as we like. You may not be able to understand the difference between a home/office that has had an HVAC  system installed until you experience both environments. Let’s not forget these systems are great for environments that contain a lot of foot flow, air exchange, pets and dust.

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