Air Conditioning

The heart of any cooling system: The compressor

At the centre of any DX cooling system, whether for refrigeration, air conditioning or chilled water system is some type of electronic pump or motor.

This motor is often labelled as the “compressor”, as its name suggests it is in principal a circulatory pump that compresses and causes the primary pressure/temperature differential within a DX system. The mechanical moving parts are operated from electric current via motors.

Meaning the key efficiency of these units is dependant on their power consumption.

Compressors are manufactured in many types of variants and sizes according to their purpose of use and duty


Types of Compressors


Piston and crankshaft driven
Belt driven or semi/hermetic units
Low cost
Relative low compression and serviceable cylinder heads for semi hermetic
Used in wide variety of capacities
Hermetic most commonly used in domestic refrigeration



A eccentrically positioned rotor with relation to a fixed casing
Low noise and compact design
Hermetic units only used in all applications
Ideal for low/medium capacity refrigeration & air conditioning systems
Available in Twin rotor specification for lower noise and higher efficiency
Suitable up to 50kw
Top spec brushless DC inverter technology
Best capacity/size ratio operation – upto 7800rpm
Light weight compared to scroll variant

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