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New R32 Refrigerant Hits UK Market

The phasing out of refrigerants such as R22 due to their damaging effects on the ozone layer has brought to light the importance of finding a suitable replacement that will work just as effectively, but have a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP).
The refrigerant that is commonly used to replace the banned R22 is R410A. However, the refrigerant R32 has also been found to have significant benefits. This has led to industry leader, Daikin, to implement the use of R32 in its air conditioning systems.

The benefits of R32

Arguably, the most important benefit of using R32 instead of R410A to replace R22 is that it is by far the least harmful to the environment. The difference between the GWP of both gases is huge; 2088 for R410A compared to 675 for R32, so by using R32 instead of R410A, the damaging effects on the ozone layer are greatly reduced.
Another benefit of using R32 is that it provides improved energy efficiency while using the same technology, so running costs will be lower. It is also fairly inexpensive to produce, further reducing the overall cost.
The R32 refrigerant is a single component gas, whereas R410A is a mixture of two different gases. This means it can be recycled much easier and therefore reused. Its low GWP means it is not as toxic as other gases, so the risk of accidents caused by toxicity is significantly reduced, making it much safer than its counterparts with a higher GWP.

The risks of R32

R32 has also been classed as mildly flammable. Although this sounds dangerous, tests have been carried out that have shown that even if combustion of the gas does occur, it will produce a small flame with no explosion, and the flame is unlikely to spread. When exposed to high temperatures, it has been found to be no less dangerous than other refrigerants. The overall conclusion is that as the risk of flammability is low, R32 is considered safe to use providing the correct handling practises are followed.

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