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Wolseley to cut 800 jobs...

Owners of Pipe Centre and Plumb Centre brands, Wolseley UK, are set to embark on a £100m reorganisation. £40 million of this will go towards refurbishing some of the 450 branches as well as installing some of the latest technology to make serving customers seamless. The reorganisation has a 2 principles it needs to address:

Divide customer ares into a) large/medium sized businesses b) small customers such as local businesses
Provide more technical assistance to larger customers on jobs. They will be able to make direct contact with a representative for specialist knowledge.

This restructuring will cause 80 branches to close down totalling a loss of around 800 jobs. Wolseley commented as this is a means to a better end for regional and international customers, “We will continue to invest in training and developing our people to ensure we offer the best service consistently across our network”.

In total, this reshuffling will take 2-3 years allowing Wolseley to try and be the “first choice for specialist trade customers”, says patrick Headon, MD at Wolseley UK.

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