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Here at iClimate, we know that the time and money you have dedicated to your wine collection means that it is dear to your heart. With value beyond measure, it is essential to store your collection optimally, both in terms of humidity and temperature. Failure to do so can lead to wines being spoilt or corked. To prevent this from happening, we design and install bespoke wine cellars to keep your collection protected for years to come.

Whether you are already a committed oenophile, or just starting out on your collecting journey, we can provide you with a home worthy of your collection. Our bespoke home wine cellars can be designed completely to your requirements, even including a concealed entrance for when you want the wow factor of a big reveal.

Bespoke Refrigeration Home Wine Cellars

With our dedicated building contractors, we offer a bespoke design service that enables us to provide you with a truly unique wine storage solution that caters to all of your aesthetic and practical requirements. The wine cellar is more than just a space to store your wine; our service delivers a beautiful room where your wine is on display, as well as protected. Whether you have a full basement for conversion or a smaller space under the stairs, we come to the table full of ideas on how to create something completely bespoke. Every wine cellar we design is totally unique in line with your sense of style, your budget, and your personal needs.

Design and Installation

Our first step when discussing installing a home wine cellar is ensuring we have the optimum location for your collection. If your home already contains a basement, then installation should be straightforward. If not, we will need to get creative with your space and come up with some imaginative solutions, whilst also ensuring that we are meeting safety and building regulations.

There are a number of factors to consider when designing your home wine cellar. How many barrels or bottles do you have? At what rate is your collection growing? How many bottles or barrels do you plan to have? How will the design fit in with the rest of your home? If your wine collection is to be housed in the basement, how would you like to access it? We offer spiral staircases and regular stairways. We are here to talk you through each design and weigh up the pros and cons of all the options.

Once we have fitted your home wine cellar with the appropriate humidity and temperature controls, we will also install bespoke storage solutions for your wine. Depending on whether your wine collection consists many of bottle or barrels, you may wish to use wine racks or cabinets, or a combination of the two. These can be freestanding or built-in; the choice is yours. What is certain is that the result will be a truly spectacular feature of your home, and somewhere you can proudly display and enjoy your wine collection for years to come.

Remote Temperature Control

Our remote control facility means you can check in with your wine wherever you are, making sure optimum conditions are always in place. Why have a wine collection if it’s at risk of corking? Our bespoke refrigerated wine cellars allow you to put that worry to bed.

Commercial Wine Cellars

We work with a number of clients across the London hospitality industry who need refrigerated wine cellars on a commercial scale. Our high value, high performance solutions will allow you to achieve a precise temperature environment that’s ideal for the items you’re storing and the scale of the operation.

Why iClimate?

We at iClimate our experts when it comes to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Not only that, but we work with a highly experienced wine connoisseur to give us a priceless insight into the vital temperature and humidity ranges needed for the optimum preservation of your wine collection. With our imaginative space solutions, passion for excellence and fantastic customer service, your collection is in safe hands with us.

Wine cellar construction can be quite complex if you want the conditions perfect and your cellar to be seamlessly incorporated into your home, so it’s strongly advisable to call in wine cellar designers that have the experience, knowledge and skills to bring your wine cellar design to life

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